Wicker Set Makeover

Upcycled DIY Wicker Furniture Repair

My projects usually start when I see potential on the side of the road. Nothing is better then picking up some curb side treasure aka “free stuff.”  I was driving to the dump on a Saturday morning and saw a 7 piece wicker set on side of the road that made me do a double take. I had to get rid of the trash in the truck first and figured would use rest of the drive to call my husband and verify that me bringing home “another project” wouldn’t be an issue as my collection is getting a little out of control. I had a feeling this would be an exception because we have been looking for furniture for our front porch for a while and coming into the fall we have been looking for clearance deals, but nothing beats free. It is moments like this that I truly believe you put something out there in the universe and in some way shape or form it comes to fruition.

So…..husband agreed that if in good condition then definitely pick it up and have to say we really scored on this one. I knew with a little cleaning, some wicker repair (ps never have I done it before but knew can’t be that hard), some spray paint and this set will look brand new giving us the cozy porch feel we are going for.

Here’s what I needed:

First Step: Cleaning

Unloaded the furniture and figured I should get started right away and got to cleaning. I used a hose to spray down the furniture and an everyday cleaner with old dish brush. Hot soap and water probably would have worked too but this is what I had on quick hand and did it did the trick.

diy furniture upcycled wicker repair

I also had a very willing helper!



Second Step: Repairing the Wicker

I had to repair around 15 different areas total on all different pieces because once I started I figured I might as well fix every spot, even if minor to do it right and give it more life. Even though I made more repairs than I originally thought, I still had plenty of wicker leftover and stashed away for a future project!

wicker cane diy furniture repair

Then I removed all loose binding with scissors, it came off pretty easy. I stopped removing were the wicker was in good shape and secured old binding down with glue so that end was down and that is where I would aim to start the new wicker thread. I used a dab of the superglue to secure the end of wicker at start of repair then tightly wrapped it around the leg using glue along the way. When ending the wrapping I would try and make a tie going over then under then use some more glue. Goal is to do this once!

diy wicker furniture repair upcycled

So even though I repaired that many spots I was doing it when I had time and never thought to take a picture because I was more in ‘getting this project done mode’ not ‘blog and document mode.’ I will get better and apologize I did not get a picture of what the cane looked like repaired and before spray paint. Here you can see a before and after. There are a few gaps but its not exact science and still happy with results, because lets face it this was a free set of furniture given a new life.


diy wicker furniture repair diy wicker furniture repair porch decor

Furniture was free but the materials cost was about $60 in spray paint, $15 in wicker chair cane and I already had the glue. Total $75 for a whole new porch set that replaced our broken plastic chairs that no one dared to sit because they were a safety hazard but just there as display. All and all project turned out to be not too shabby, so some advice……..don’t pass up on those free projects you never know what they could become and I would love to see your next upcycled curbside treasure!

Thanks for reading and goodluck on your next project!


Always Dreaming or Doing,





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