DIY Concert Ticket & Alphabet Letter Photography Letter Framed Collage

DIY concert ticket and photography letter collage

I have the perfect project for anyone that has saved a bunch of old tickets or stubs from the movies, concerts, skiing, fairs, musicals, plays, etc. and not sure what to do with them but want to keep them because they are fond memories. So here is a way different way to showcase those moments and treasure them! To start gather those tickets hopefully you keep them in one spot mine are all in one of those large plastic drawers.


DIY Concert ticket Love collage

Need for Project:

  • Frame
  • Collection of tickets and stubs
  • Letter Photography Pictures
  • Rubber Cement

This is a DIY budget friendly project that I did a while ago as a anniversary gift for my now husband but when I made this we were dating and definitely under a tight budget. The frame I found was on clearance, which I am always scoping out those aisles at any store because there could be some good finds for future endeavors! If you do not have an old frame around then there are always coupons for craft stores for at least 50% off and can get a reasonable deal. Now if you have the tickets and frame you will need some photography letters to showcase. I had found mine at a boutique a while back when originally did this project but if I am in the need for some amazing quality photography letters I get them from Johnette at her Etsy shop here AlphabetArtPhotos. She offers all letters of the alphabet each letter have different picture choices and color options of sephia and black and white.

Here are some examples from her website and I pulled letters “L” “O” “V” “E” since thats the word I choose to highlight for this project especially since it was an anniversary gift but you could do last name, initials, another word, really possibilities are endless.

DIY concert ticket collage photography letter

Now that we have materials remove the backing of the frame from the glass and you can use that to place tickets or cut a poster board or thinner cardboard to size of frame to use instead.

Next layout photography letters as these are focus of picture and fill in tickets around the letters as you go. I strongly recommend laying out the project first before gluing so there is a placement before anything is secured and don’t be afraid to overlap its what makes it a collage! I then used no-wrinkle rubber cement because this stuff is strong and it is applied with a brush making this project really easy. However, it does not smell that pleasant so doing it by a window is helpful!

diy concert ticket collage anniversary gift

Once all glued, secured, and dried your masterpiece is complete and its time to put back in frame. Then find a great spot in your house and you have those memories preserved and showcased!

DIY concert ticket and photography letter collage

Would love to see any projects completed or your ideas for use of concert tickets.

Always Dreaming or Doing,

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