Standard Builder Grade Bathroom Light Fixture Makeover Made Modern Farmhouse = $0

light fixture DIY upcycle modern farmhouse

So not even sure how this project started. There doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason to our process but we are jumping room to room making small improvements as we go. I sometimes struggle with this because part of me wants to complete a whole room all at once floor to ceiling but thats impractical, especially on a budget and time required. I talk myself away for that thinking as it is not rational for our situation and it is true that small things add up and you can really make a difference in a room with little effort as you will see.

The standard mirror that came with the house in our master bath was held with mirror clips. My handy husband took some barnwood we had and made a quick frame for the mirror that really gives it a facelift, however it drew our attention to the rusting metal light that must came with the house when it was built. Time for a DIY upgrade from builder grade to modern farmhouse!


  • Black Flat Spray Paint
  • Upcycled Jars (for this project used value sized gravy jars)
  • Edison Bulbs
  • Copper Paint
  • Bottle Cutting Tools
  • Painters Tape
  • Sand Paper

Disclosure: This project did happen to cost us nothing as we already had all these items in our possession but if you don’t have some of these items they do not break the bank. I like to try to be resourceful and use what we already have because its less wasted resources and cost effective, how can you beat that?


Builder Grade light makeover modern farmhouse


Step One:

Removed light and the light-bulb covers that we were officially retiring. The light had some dust and rust so cleaned, sanded then used painters tape to cover parts I did not want to be painted.

Step Two:

Found some black flat spray paint and that really started the transformation of this fixture, gotta love the power of spray paint


Step Three:

Next is to figure out what you want to use to go over the lights you choose. I love the look of the Edison Lights and we had some just waiting for a project and I was determined to spend no money so I went hunting in my basement to find four jars that not only fit the light bulbs but I also needed four of them.

Mission Accomplished!

I found four tall value size gravy jars that I have saved (you never know when you need a jar). Now I understand not everyone has a collection of glass bottles but you could buy BALL jars relatively cheap or take a look at food you use and start saving jars for your next upcycled project!

Builder Grade light makeover modern farmhouse

The jars will work only if I cut them because the bulbs we have were too round at end to fit in top opening. SKIP next step if do not want to deal with cutting bottles but couple of methods can be used.

Step Four:

There are a couple of options for cutting bottles. Method I like to use is a scoring tool (there few different ones I use pending on project, one in picture what I used for this one). Then alternating hot and cold water that ends up cutting the glass. Then used some sandpaper to smooth edges.

Builder Grade light makeover modern farmhouse


Step Five:

Used pliers to cut circle in jar top that is just large enough to secure it to top part. Then spray painted them flat black to match the rest of the light.

modern farmhouse DIY light upcycle makeover


Step Six:

Due to be stubborn in making these jars work we have to expose the white plastic part that attaches into light-bulb so to make it look on purpose I painted them cooper because when there is a chance to add it I will, I been obsessed with copper and pretty sure its my favorite color as an adult! Lastly, the original light shade was held by the white piece so kept that part the same putting the jar lid on first.

DIY standard builder grade light makeover modern farmhouse

Step Seven:

In this case it was easiest to attache the jar to the lid first then insert the bulbs after and then project is complete!

DIY modern farmhouse light fixture makeover


Thanks for reading would love to see any project light upgrades anyone has done because there are so many different kinds of lights out there asking for a DIY MAKEOVER!

Always Dreaming or Doing,



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