Baby Shower Card Heart Shaped Collage

diy baby shower collage wall decor

There are so many reasons and occasions we receive greeting cards. Some special some not so special, some that are pretty and some that are just to darn expensive to throw out. Can you imagine throwing away a $10 bill, it’s crazy how much cards can be. Of course there are always ways to get a bargain to save money on cards but either way I say the card business has it made. For all these reasons I just started saving cards because it seemed like the thing to do. Someone went out and bought me this I can’t just throw it out. So I save one card, then the next card I get I naturally add it to the pile and then from there it goes on and the collection has grown. Over the years I have now become determined to put them to use and this project is a unique way to reuse and upcycle and preserve a memories with cards from a baby shower, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays or holidays.

Materials Needed:

  • Greeting cards from a special occasion
  • Hand Paper Shaped Punch or Cricut/Silhouette machine
  • New or Old Frame
  • Frame Backing
  • Spray Paint
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Craft Square Foam Double Stickers
  1. Now gather those greeting cards from a special memory! If you don’t have enough from one specific event its still neat to have a collage that has pieces of cards given to you for some reason or event and create your own DIY wall decor. So start by prepping the cards so they can easily be cut. Cut off the fronts of all the cards and take off any fabric pieces, ribbon, etc. (sorry this pic is so dark, it was taken at night because that is when stuff gets done)diy wall decor baby shower collage
  2. Pending what you choose for frame it could have different backing. For this project I knew I wanted to repair an antique frame and will be posting about how I did that soon! So whatever backing figure out what color you want to paint it. I went with a darker color (used copper spray paint because I just cant help it) also because I knew I wanted it to be darker since most the hearts are lighter in color and my frame was light colored. I plan to put this in my daughters room so I did ask her option and she wanted sparkle and I had to agree so I sprinkled gold glitter over the frame backing and sealed with an acrylic spray paint to help it to adhere.

diy wall decor backing baby shower collage3.  Decide the shape you want to use to make the cutouts of your cards. I went with hearts but could do anything really and for the cutting I used my Cricuit but can also easily use a hand stamp of your choosing just little more labor intensive so just watch Netflix while crafting the cutting will go in no time. After making the cutouts I used chalk to mark the outline of a heart so had a guideline when laying out cutouts.wall decor diy heart 4. I used  craft square foam double stickers to attach the hearts to the frame backing. Then on the next layer towards inside I would use two foam craft squares and third row would have three foam squares and so on…..til you fill your shape getting to the center, hopefully creating a dimensional effect adding depth to your wall decor!

5. Project Completed!

DIY baby shower card collage wall decor

Thanks for reading and taking a look I hope this inspires you to use those cards you have saved from a special occasion to use create a unique personalized dimensional wall decor. Please post and share any final projects I would love to see them!!!

Always Dreaming or Doing,


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