upcycled home decor farmhouse

My urge for creative entrepreneurship started at a young age. I remember bringing my clothespin dolls covered with embroidery to family events and offering them for purchase. Of course, my family bought my dolls. Since then, I have not stopped experimenting with new materials and modalities. I have had a professional career and I always find my outlet usually involves the process of making “something.” I do not know how many times I been in a store and I say,  “Oh I like that” then look at price, refrain and say to myself, “I can make that.” So here I am, shifting gears and listening to a mantra, “if you do what you love you never work a day in your life.”

I have a passion for living simply, but refined and I try to follow that model in my work. You will find I mostly work with cement, glass, and wood. Those elements offer endless combinations for beautiful creations. I am a sucker for all DIY and will be sharing all my current project ideas, how-to’s and follow me on the very slow journey of home renovations transforming our modern colonial house, adding the charm, comfort and homey feel a farmhouse has to offer.

As for me, I love me a latte, running, sushi, pizza, and dancing (all the time). I have an amazingly supportive husband and live the dream of being a full-time mom to my three-year-old, one-year-old, and ten-year-old chocolate lab.

If you take anything at all from this, please know I am thankful for you taking an interest and reading about my story. I truly hope you enjoy seeing my vision come to life.

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