5 Reasons To Add Concrete Decor Into Your Home

five reasons add concrete decor home


Before I started working with concrete I only thought of it as a construction material, something used in house foundations, securing pillars for decks, and it comes out of really large turning trucks. It was when I saw a Pin (surprise surprise) that required concrete and I fell in love with the look. I could not get it out my head so naturally I went to home depot (8-monthhs pregnant at the time) getting a 50pd bag concrete, don’t worry I asked for help. The project did not work out like I wanted and looking back probably not best first DIY cement project to take on, but it opened my eyes to the possibilities of beautiful things that can be made with cement. Concrete countertops, sinks, tables, bookends, planters, the list is really endless and if you haven’t thought of concrete being a material you would have in your home here are five reasons you might want to add this element to your decor:


Strong is an adjective used to describe concrete so its not surprising that anything this tough material is molded into has its advantages of being durable. Longevity is something concrete is able to offer as there is minimal wear and tare as long, depending on what the concrete is being used for, it meets minimal upkeep.

concrete home decor

Easy Care:

Cement does not take too much care. It takes a lot to build up dust and is easy to clean with a simple wipe. Being used in the kitchen concrete will most likely have a sealer for water protection making it waterproof for things like coasters and hot plates. They can be easily cleaned if food spills and much of the same applies to the ever so trendy concrete counter tops.

concrete decor bookends
Concrete bookends made by me, click to see other concrete decor


Concrete can maintain its simple beautiful of its natural state coloring in shades of grey. In case your were bored with the grey color concrete  has other options. It can be acid stained which, is a chemical reaction of water-based liquid made of acid and minerals that when applied to concrete it permanently alters color. There is a variety of colors available that range in tans, browns, black, turquoise, and shades or red, each finish truly unique.  Another option is adding paint to the concrete mix before pouring and I know I have seen many tutorials out there, although have not tried this yet myself because of my love for acid staining.

acid stain green coaster concrete
Acid Stained Coasters, click to check out other acid stained items in my shop!



Make a statement creating visual interest with concrete. Highlight the smooth texture of concrete by contrasting with the natural rough texture of reclaimed wood. The combination doesn’t get much better. In larger statements like countertops and large fireplaces the concrete can really transform the space and elements added really accentuate the beauty and simplicity.

Acid Stain is a water-based liquid bearing minerals and acid. The acid stain penetrates the pores of the concrete forcing a chemical reaction between the muriatic acid and the available surface minerals. Once acid stained, the color of the concrete is permanently altered. When sealed with an appropriate concrete sealer, acid stain produces a unique, variegated finish unique to this product. To see all the decorative concrete design possibilities, visit our acid stain project photo gallery.
Reclaimed Barnwood Wall Sconce Concrete Candle Set, click to see more

Heat Resistant:

An added bonus concrete can withstand a lot of heat making it great to use in the kitchen when it comes to cooking and entertaining. Coasters, trivets, spoon rest, and the already mentioned countertops and tables. To keep in mind countertops and tables are sealed and its important to be sure your sealer is also heat resistant.

concrete decor fireplace


Hope this has helped you to see how concrete can be used in many ways in home decor and is a versatile texture that can enhance many types of styles. I obviously might be a bit biased with my love for concrete however its characteristics speak for itself. If want to see more options and inspiration for concrete decor feel free to check out my etsy shop roseandburke.

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Would love to hear your thoughts or any pictures of concrete decor used in your home!

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